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Xplor Fuego

Exciting Adventure Park at Night!

5 / 5

Xplor Fuego is the night time version of Xplor Park – an adventure park centered around an underground river and cave system. From ziplining over the pitch-black jungle, to driving a UTV through a flooded cave, the park comes alive at night and will keep you entertained for hours.

Xplore Fuego Zipline Xplor Fuego zipline water

Night Activities in Playa del Carmen

Xplor Fuego lives up to its name! The fire theme is abundant throughout the experience including ziplining through a ring-of-fire and navigating through the jungle with fiery obstacles along the way. Activities in the park include
  • Underground River Paddling
  • 2.4 Miles of Ziplining
  • Hammock Ziplining
  • 2 Amphibious Vehicle Courses
  • Drinks!
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Fun for Hours

The zipline course is only topped by the reality there are no lines at night. Our experience in Xplor Fuego was never-ending fun as there is no waiting or being stuck behind other groups. Each zipline segment has unique features like flying through a ring-of-fire, or ending with a splash landing into the cave river. There is even a hammock zipline with a water landing. The view from the top of the zip-lines towers at night was incredible. You can see the lights from the island of Cozumel and the sheer darkness of the Yucatan jungle all at once.

The amphibious vehicles are a blast. The course takes you through the jungle, into the underground, and flames popping out of the walls as you exit the flooded cave.

Xplor Underground River Xplor UTV Course

Xplor Fuego underground cave

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  • Themed for adults
  • No lines at night
  • Many activities to choose from
  • Limited subterranean vehicle use
  • Limit photo options

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