The North Face Angstrom 30 backpack

The North Face Angstrom 30

Lightweight hiking and backpacking with The North Face

4.5 / 5

I originally bought my The North Face backpack for an Inca Trail Trek a few years ago. Since then I have used the back on every overseas trip I have taken and I also use it now when solo camping.

About The Pack

The pack itself is exceptionally light (and in some places thin) but it has a solid frame and watertight seams. I'm not sure what the product specifications says the max capacity is but I can honestly say this pack sure can fit a lot of gear in it. I've been able to get a camelbak, 2 person (4 season tent), camp knife, rope, small butane canister, some cloths, and a bunch of small objects.

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One of the best features is the stretchable fabric as it allows the pack to expand just enough to get the last piece of gear in. The backpack came with a red rain cover but the seams are taped so the gear is well protected from rain even during a sudden day shower.

What if something goes wrong?

Customer service is not a factor I usually consider at all for my traveling gear and honestly I never thought of contacting them until recently when one of the plastic buckles cracked due to an operator error. The buckle is unique to The North Face and I didn't find a replacement available for sale. I sent an email to them with a picture of the broken buckle and within a week I had one (free of charge) sent to me in the mail. Talk about great customer service! Another overlooked feature is the packs versatility. Between the different internal compartment and side pockets, I feel that I can get pretty much get anything I would need for trekking of back-country backpacking inside the pack.
The North Face backpack rear view

Would I buy the pack again?

Overall, I love this backpack from The North Face. I use it everywhere I travel for a reason and that reason is reliability. After moderately using the backpack for over 3 years, the only damage it has received was from TSA who didn't bother to use the buckle and instead cut the compression strap.


  • Lightweight and perfect for traveling
  • Capable of holding a lot of gear
  • Waterproof, rain cover, and taped seams



  • Outer fabric can tear easily if over packed
  • Plastic buckles can break when traveling


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