Sawyer S3 Water Purification Review

Sawyer S3 Water Filter and Purifier

The Best Water Purification System for Camping

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The Sawyer S3 water filter and purifier is the best water purification system for the price! The S3 water purifier is great for many uses including international travel, backcountry camping, and emergency water filtration. Check out our how-to guide How to make clean water with the Sawyer S3.
Sawyer S3 Water Filter

Clean Water, Everywhere!

The level of purification with the Sawyer S3 filter and the 10oz field weight makes this an essential item when traveling or camping in areas with high contamination. It's easy to pack for international travel when the water sources are questionable or it can be stored for an emergency water filtration system after a natural disaster. Rating Icon

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Best Water Purification

According to the Sawyer website – the Sawyer S3 water filter removes 99.99999% of bacteria and protozoa. Additionally, the filter removes:

  • microplastics
  • viruses
  • heavy metals (from industrial waste or mining)
  • chemicals
  • and pesticides (from agriculture runoff)

down to 0.1 microns.

The S3 version is limited to an estimated 400 uses, while the Sawyer S1 can be used up to 1,600 times. The number of uses is the main downside for the S3 version, however 400 uses is still a lot!

  • Total Purificaiton
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Limited Uses
  • Maintenance
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