Honolulu Jewelry Company 14K Solid Gold 0.7mm Box Chain Necklace Review

Honolulu Jewelry Company 14K Solid Gold 0.7mm Box Chain Necklace

Beautiful Lightweight Gold Necklace!

5 / 5

Looking for a fashionable necklace? Or do you need to replace a broken box chain necklace for pendant jewelry? This yellow-gold box chain necklace by Honolulu Jewelry Company is beautiful! Honolulu Jewelry Company, based in Hawaii, makes a collection of well crafted, quality jewelry and has grown to be the largest Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry manufacturer. The company offers an unbeatable Lifetime Repair Guarantee, making this chain even more appealing.

Shiny Gold Necklace that Sparkles

It is amazing how shiny the brand new gold chain appears when opening the gift box the necklace arrives in. The necklace will endlessly sparkle at any angle and at a candlelit dinner or while lounging in the sun, the golden shimmer will absolutely catch your attention. The chain is thin, 0.7 mm and it is also ultra-light in weight, about 1 gram and is stunning all on its own. Overall, the Honolulu Jewelry Company's gold box chain necklace is really good quality and it is an absolute beautiful necklace.
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Perfect Replacement Chain Necklace

14k Gold Box Chain NecklaceThe search for a gold necklace began after the chain on a pendant necklace broke. Searching many jewelers for a gold necklace to replace a broken pendant chain, we finally discovered this one by Honolulu Jewelry Company. The thin and light qualities of this box chain are perfect for replacing a broken or kinked chain for a pendant. Pictured is the 20 inch chain, 0.7mm width.

  • Fashionable
  • Inexpensive
  • LIfetime Guarantee
  • Dulls (like all gold chains)
  • Difficult to find 0.7mm
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