GoPro Battery BacPac Extension

GoPro Battery BacPac

Traveling with the life saver, GoPro Battery BacPac

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When I'm traveling, I use my GoPro quite a bit but I need the camera to last longer than the two hours that the standard battery provides. I have tested other GoPro batteries in the past but they have all fallen short in one way or another. The GoPro Battery BacPac offers much needed extra battery life compared to the standard GoPro battery.

How it Works

The battery simply attaches to the back of the camera unit and fits in the extended back housing door. The biggest con is that you have to buy the extended housing door separately...but it was only about $10.

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Field Stress Test

My first time using the battery was on a trip to Quintana Roo, Mexico. I went on a day long tour to Chichen Itza, ik Kil Cenote, and the colonial city of Valladolid and I wanted to capture as much as I could before I had no battery left. Of course, extremely hot conditions is not the best for battery life so this was a great opportunity to test the durability. While at our first stop, everyone was using their GoPro's - by the end of the first stop, my camera was the only working one left. I even had another person come up to me and ask why his was no longer working. After trying to cycle the on-off button several times, it was clear the battery was no longer working. Luckily, for me the next stop included testing the camera in jumping from a 20ft cliff into a cenote. The battery and extended housing held up fine. After the day was over, I still had extra battery power remaining so I decided to create a time-lapse of the beach, which lasted about 2.5 hours before the battery finally ran out.
GoPro Battery Extension

Would I Use it?

So far, this is my go-to battery for the GoPro when I know that I need for than 2 hours of battery life. The size of the battery doesn't add too much extra weight and the main benefit, extra battery life, does indeed provide sufficient extra battery life.


  • Extends GoPro Usage
  • Inexpensive battery option
  • Waterproof



  • Have to purchase new backdoor
  • Battery life is still short of a full day


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