DYY Dinosaur Theme Kids Camera Review

DYY Dinosaur Theme Kids Camera HD

Fun Camera for Kid Creators

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Are you looking for the perfect kid-friendly camera? DYY has a dinosaur theme digital camera – and by dinosaur theme it’s exactly that. The camera comes in a small box with a scene of dinosaurs pictured behind the camera itself. When the camera is turned on there are 6 dinosaur egg options (modes) to choose from, including photo, video, and games. If that isn’t enough the camera includes a 32G SD card with a dinosaur printed on it!

Camera Specs

The details on this 3.5 inch camera cannot be beat for the price. The camera features has two lenses. The main lens is for traditional point-n-shoot photography and can also shoot 1080p video. The second lens is actually the viewfinder! This is the selfie camera. Kids will be able to see themselves on the camera screen as they are taking the selfies.
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The creative opportunities are endless with the kid-friendly camera. One of the apps has several games to keep the kids interacting and entertained. They can also select one of the 6 filters and 28 frame effects to take selfies or capture picture and video moments with family and friends for hours. When the camera is not being used it’ll automatically shut off to maintain the battery life.
Kids Dinosaur Theme Camera

Fun for Hours

Once the battery is done you can quickly charge it with the USB the camera comes with. Kids will be back taking selfies in no time! A fun feature with the selfie is the time-lapse and that it gives kids up to 8 seconds to get ready and pose. Any pictures and videos can be reviewed on the 2 inch IPS screen just like a phone. Kids will learn cognitive skills and may even teach us a thing or two.

  • Super Fun
  • 32gb SD Included
  • Two Lenses
  • Durability
  • Not Touchscreen
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