Brunton 8 Hour GoPro Battery

Brunton All Day GoPro Battery

The 8 hour GoPro battery by Brunton provides all day camera recording

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I’ve decided to stick with my GoPro Hero3+ and like most people my biggest complaint with the camera is the battery life. Without hauling around 4 or 5 batteries and a special charger, the only other option I found was this Brunton All Day 8 Hour battery. The Brunton battery isn’t waterproof but the type of activities I use the camera, it doesn’t need to be.

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The most obvious reason why I like the battery is because of the 8 hour battery life. The battery is connected to the GoPro clear camera housing by replacing the rear piece. At $30 a unit, I can take a few of these on my trips and be covered for a couple of days at a time. The other nice feature is that you can charge a cell phone or tablet from the battery by directly connecting a USB charger in. The battery has about 2 complete cell phone charges in it making the battery a nice option for keeping my phone charged while in the middle of nowhere. I definitely would say the battery is water resistant up to light / medium rain but I don’t recommend it for heavy rain or wet conditions. With the 8 hour battery strap into the GoPro, the whole unit suddenly becomes a bit bulky and uneven but it’s not too much to out weight the benefits in my opinion.
Brunton 8 Hour GoPro Battery

Overall Thoughts

The battery is a great option for using a GoPro longer than 2 hours especially for the price. However, the battery is a bit bulky and because it is not waterproof, I'd prefer my BacPac Extension.


  • 8 hour GoPro battery
  • Inexpensive battery
  • Doubles as a phone charger



  • Bulky
  • Only water resistant, not waterproof

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