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Asolo TPS 520 GV Hiking Boots

Trekking and off-trail hiking boots for the serious outdoors

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Before my first trip to Peru, I knew I needed a great pair of trekking shoes. I had asked around and a couple of people had mentioned Asolo boots. I decided the check them out and whoa…I was surprised by the price tag.

Reputation Among Hikers

I spoke to an experienced trekker who happened to have a pair, and he told me that he wouldn't trade them for any other boots. Having them for 6 years and countless miles of trails, the boots were still holding up and guy said they were more comfortable than ever. After reading more reviews on Amazon I decided to give the Asolo TPS 520 GV a try.

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Comfort on the Trail

I didn't have enough time to break-in the shoes before I went on my trek through the Andes but that didn't matter much. Although the trail I was on was well paved, the grip and sturdiness of the boots made the trek much more enjoyable by keeping my feet warm and dry. The boots are heavy duty and at times seemed a bit too bulky/heavy for the Inca Trail but that is what probably saved me from tumbling down 200 ft vertical drop while climbing up to the Sayaqmarka Ruins.

And when you're not paying attention!

As I mentioned, the boots are waterproof and I tested that out the hard way while I was in the Peruvian Amazon in the city of Iquitos. I was walking down the street on the edge of the Plaza de Armas, when I was trying to get away from a peddler I carelessly stepped right into an open sewer… arghh. The boot was covered in probably the most disgusting, parasite infested, pile of rancid waste I had ever seen – and my foot was completely clean and dry.
Asolo Backpacking Shoes
Overall, these shoes are excellent for backcountry and off the trail adventures that involve water, mud, and cold weather but they are a bit overkill for easy and well maintained trails.


  • Waterproof
  • Heavy-duty
  • Great traction



  • Bulky/Heavy
  • Overkill for easy trails


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