How Makes Money generates revenue through the website from advertisements, sponsorships, and affiliate sales. will provide a clear indication if a page or post is Sponsored and/or generating revenue from Affiliate Sales. Please read further for more details about each item.


Site ads

Site Ads are the text or banner advertisements often displayed to the aside from the main content. Most pages on will have Site Ads. Site Ads on are delivered through the Google AdSense Network. Our site is not necessarily affiliated with the entities listed in the ads, nor do we endorse or recommend the products or services that appear in the Site Ads.

Advertisements settings can be rereviewed at Google’s Ad Settings page

Site Ads will often appear in a similar format to the example below.

Example Site Ad


Site Sponsors

Site Sponsors appear on the site frequently. Sponsorships will be clearly disclosed when they appear on site posts and pages. Site Sponsors can be displayed within pages, posts, reviews and as Display Advertisements aside from the main content. Raffle Contests on will often include a Site Sponsor. When applicable, a clear disclosure will be provided on each page. In addition to a text disclosure, an 'Sponsored Badge' will be placed on every page that contains Sponsored content. See example Sponsored Badge. Sponsor Disclosure Badge

Site Sponsorships are delivered directly through the website. Please use this form for questions about Site Sponsors or how to sponsor the site.

Example Site Sponsor Placement: Coming Soon.


Affiliate Sales generates revenue from providing Affiliate Sales. When applicable, will include relevant links within content that direct users offsite and to a page where they can purchase items related to the content. As an example, most ‘Review’ posts on this site will contain Affiliate Sales links to the item or service being reviewed. This site may earn a commission if you purchase anything using these links. A clear disclosure will be provided on each page an affiliate link is present.

In addition to a clear and obvious text disclosure, an image badge will be displayed on each page where affiliate links are present. See Affiliate Badge example: Affiliate Disclosure Badge is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Amazon Affiliate links may appear in a banner image:

Affiliate link example

Example Amazon Affiliate Banner Image

Amazon Affiliate links may appear as a simple hyperlink:

Example Affiliate Link

Example Amazon Affiliate Link Disclosure


If you have any questions about how the site makes money or have a request for more details about our revenue practices, please contact us.