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Theodore Roosevelt National Park Roadtrip

  • Badlands ND – 49
  • Badlands ND – North Unit
  • Badlands ND – Superstorm approaching
  • Badlands ND – 20
  • Badlands ND – 25
  • Badlands ND – 41
  • Badlands NP rock formations
  • Badlands ND NP

Like most of my summer road trips, I decided to go to the Theodore Roosevelt National Parks just the night before while planning what I would do for the weekend. In a mad dash to get out the door for the weekend, I grabbed my GoPro, gathered up my hiking and tenting gear, then jumped in the Subaru and began my drive.

Driving The Great River Road in Autumn

Great River Road - Minnesota

The Great River Road National Scenic Byway is voted one of the best drives in America, year after year. Find out why this drive is so beautiful.