Driving The Great River Road in Autumn

Great River Road - Minnesota

The Great River Road National Scenic Byway is voted one of the best drives in America, year after year. Find out why this drive is so beautiful.

The Great River Road Scenic Highway 61ย to Great River Bluffs State Park is a perfect way to spend autumn day in Minnesota.ย 

Great River Road US StampBegin near Red Wing MN and follow a meandering road along the Mississippi River to Lake City, where the river opens up forming Lake Pepin. Continue driving south from the lake along the spectacular river bluffs and tight roads along the cliff side through Wabasha and Winona. The Great River Bluffs State Park is few miles further, or continue a journey through the 10 states that share the Great River Road experience.

The Minnesota State Park straddles the cliff edge and offers expansive panoramic views of the Mississippi River Valley. Set out for hike to one of the many scenic overlooks. The trails are rather simple and easy to enjoy for beginners and still offer amazing views. Walk through a forest along a ridge with cliffs on both sides.

Overlook of Mississippi River

Scenic Overlook of the Mississippi River from Great River Bluffs State Park

Trail of trees Great River Bluffs

Trail through the forest along a cliff ridge

For the full experience, start your trip at the Mississippi River Headwaters (Check out the headwaters livestream) in Itasca State Park and join many other adventures along the journey through 10 states ending at the River Delta in Louisiana.

Notable attractions to see along the full trip: Minnesota - John A. Latsch State Park, Great River Bluffs State Park, and National Eagle Center.

Wisconsin - Nelson Dewey State Park.

Iowa - Effigy Mounds National Monument.

Missouri - Gateway Arch National Park.

Mississippi - Delta Blues Museum and Vicksburg National Military Park.

Arkansas - Arkansas Post National Memorial.

Louisiana - Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve

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