Camping Voyageurs National Park

Earlier this month, I spent the night camping along the Minnesota – Canadian border on a small island in Rainy Lake. The weather was hot with a cool breeze and the lake calm – a perfect summer day in Minnesota. My campsite was located on Little Finlander Island, about a 15 mile boat ride from civilization.

I started my trip from Sha Sha Resort where I rented a boat (about $70 for an overnight rental) and headed off into the park. For the next hour and a half, I navigated in and out of the many islands spotted throughout the lake and made my way through the Brule Narrows until I reached the island where I would spend the night. The afternoon was spent fishing the lake and exploring the small island.

In Voyageurs NP, you are truly in the middle of wilderness and away from your everyday problems. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Twin Cities, the park is a relaxing weekend getaway for all types of outdoor activities.

Rainy Lake Sunrise

On the early morning boat ride back to the resort, I was to get able to get a glimpse of two Bald Eagles sitting atop the trees and stumbled across a group of Loons fishing in the middle of the lake. The road trip home was highlighted with an opportunity to ride a saddled walleye like a horse.
Walleye Monument

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