3 Awesome Activities in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen - Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a coastal city in the Yucatán Riviera Maya less than an hour south of Cancun. The city offers may attractions from ancient Mayan temples to exciting adventure activities.

A perfect weekend trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, packed with shopping, beaches, skydiving, nighttime zip-lining and water activities. Sign up for one of the many cultural tours through the Maya Jungle or spend a day relaxing at the beach.

Stay at one of the many hotels on the main street, Quinta Avenida (5th Ave.) centrally located nearby all the shops and nightlife. The heart of Playa Del Carmen and only one block from the fabulous beaches.



Skydiving in mexicoSkydiving in Playa del CarmenOur Skydive Video - https://youtu.be/uoWQfgA-t5o

Skydiving in Playa Del Carmen is amazing! An forgettable experience. Jumping at 10,000 feet, the free-fall lasts about 20-30 seconds and floating for another 5 minutes. On a clear day you can see the island of Cozumel off in the distance. The view is once in a lifetime.

Xplor Fuego

Xplor Park is an activity park that is connected to the Xcaret park group. Xplor Fuego is the nighttime version of the park. When the sunsets, the fire lights up the park! Xplor Fuego is located only 15-20 minutes from Playa del Carmen directly off the main highway. The activities consist of underwater river rafting, swimming in the caves, driving a 4 wheel vehicle through the Mayan jungle and 8 segment zip-line course. Xplor Fuego 4 wheeler

You may have too much fun splashing each other in the underwater river. After following a short cave trail with water raining down along the way, the zip-line course begins. The view from atop of the zip-lines towers at night was incredible. The island of Cozumel lights up across the ocean and the endless darkness of the jungle at to the experience.

Xplor Fuego lives up to its name as you will find out when zip-lining through fire loops into a cave ending with a splash water landing. The amphibious vehicle course is a true jungle experience taking you into the underground and driving through a flooded cave with flames popping out of the walls at every corner! Hammock zip-lines are another fun activity to enjoy at the park, ending in the water of course. Xplor Fuego was a really fun time.

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Chichen Itza & ik Kil Cenote Tour

Chichen Itza Pano

Chicen Itza is an inspiring ancient Mayan city about two hours from Playa Del Carmen located in the heart of the Yucatan. Check out the Maya ball court, and the stone walls covered with detailed engraved stones depicting how the game was played.

The main attraction, El Castillo, is amazing. Stand directly in front of the main staircase and clap - the sound travels up the staircase, enters the top chamber, reverberates throughout the chamber and returns sounding like an animal call. The best time to see Chichen Itza is on March 21st in the afternoon, that is when you can see the sun cast a shadow that appears to be a snake body connecting to the serpents head at the bottom of the staircase!

Nearby, ik Kil Cenote Archaeological Park features a world-renowned cenote. From above this big hole in the ground is hidden behinds trees and brush. Once you began walking down through the tunnel to the bottom, the cenote opens into a large cave with a 130 ft deep "swimming pool". Take a few jumps from the ledge, or watch the pro's leap from the top.

Ik Kil Cenote
ik Kil Cenote

Red Bull ik Kil Cenote Jumping - https://youtu.be/YGnnM98UGg8

Stop in Valladolid and spend some time taking in the culture. The city is an old Spanish Colonial town with a lively main square and cathedral.

Valladolid Plaza Yucatan

Enjoy a made-to-order el lote from the many friendly food vendors!

El Lote Valladolid Yucatan


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