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I am an outdoors and hiking enthusiast and my greatest passion is for traveling to off-the-beaten-path locations around the world and in my home country of the United States. Discovering new destinations to visit and being an outdoor adventurer are some of the ways I spend my leisure time.

My passion for traveling lead to the creation of this blog, and the name ‘Finding Awesome’ was inspired by my personal travel mantra, “Travel while you can.” With so many breathtaking scenes on the planet, the time you spend traveling is time that you don’t regret, and it leaves you with memories to carry for a lifetime.

My adventures lead me to some unique destinations where I experience sights that many travelers never get to see. Along the journey, I have the privilege to meet people from all walks of life who share my passion for traveling. I also get to experience awe inspiring and exotic places around the world. A few of my own personal favorites so far have been the Andes in Peru, the Rocky Mountains in the western United States, and the jungles of Central America.

Follow ‘Finding Awesome’ as I share pictures of the people I meet and the landscapes I see, stories of my adventures, and reviews of the places I visit and the gear I use on my trips. I hope the latter will help you have a better traveling experience of your own!

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